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Frontiers in Macrofinance and Financial History

The University of Bonn and Erasmus University Rotterdam will co-organize a conference “Frontiers in Macrofinance and Financial History” on July 3, 2019 where scholars and academics, from different universities, will join and discuss their latest findings on financial markets.

Speakers include:

Mintra Dwarkasing (Erasmus University),
Rainer Haselmann (Goethe University Frankfurt),
Gyozo Gyongyosi (Kiel Institute for the World Economy),
Isabel Schnabel (University of Bonn),
Yuliyan Mitkov (University of Bonn),
Sascha Steffen (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management),
Yueran Ma (University of Chicago Booth School of Business),
Vasso Ioannidou (Lancaster University).

This workshop is jointly funded by the Cluster of Excellence ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy ECX 2126 and INET (Institute for New Economic Thinking).

Conference Program 

Organizer:     Moritz Schularick, Isabel Schnabel, Mintra Dwarkasing, Narly Dwarkasing.
Location:       Hauptgebäude Universität Bonn
Address:        Regina-Pacis-Weg
Room:            Senatssaal Hall
Event host:    Elin Al Zaim

For more information please contact: Elin Al Zaim: