The Macrofinance & Macrohistory Lab Bonn is moving the Bonn Macrohistory Seminars to Zoom, inviting scholars and students with interest in economic and financial history, historical development, and political economy, to participate.


Over the past years, the Bonn Macrofinance & Macrohistory Lab has hosted outstanding speakers, as one of Europe’s premier hubs for economic history. We are happy to continue introducing great ideas and researchers through our online series of Bonn Macrohistory Webinars.


The webinars will take place every Thursday at 16:00 Central Europe Time, and will last for 60 minutes including 45 minutes presentation, and 15 minutes for questions and discussion.


Specific details of the meeting code and event information will be sent through email announcements. Please write an email to macrofinance[at] if you would like to be added to seminar mailing list.



Macrohistory Webinar

Banking Crises Interventions, 1257-2019

Link to Paper >


Paul Schmelzing




Macrohistory Webinar

Tracing the International Transmission of a Crisis Through Multinational Firms

Link to Paper >


Kilian Huber

(University of Chicago)



Macrohistory Webinar

Historical Contingencies, Econometric Problems: The Analysis of Natural Experiments in Economic History

Davide Cantoni




Macrohistory Webinar




Macrohistory Webinar

When Two Become One: Foreign Capital and Household Credit Expansion (with Lukas Diebold)


Using High-Frequency Evaluations to Identify Discrimination: Evidence from Mortgage Loan Officers (with Rawley Heimer and Edison Yu)

Björn Richter

(Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Barcelona GSE)


Marco Giacoletti

(USC Marshall)



Macrohistory Webinar

The Economic Origins of Government (with Robert Allen and Leander Heldring)

Link to paper >


Mattia Bertazzini

(University of Oxford)




Macrohistory Webinar

The Seeds of Ideology: Historical Immigration and Political Preferences in the United States (with Paola Giuliano)

Link to paper >


Marco Tabellini

(Harvard Business School)



Macrohistory Webinar

Intraregional inequalities in France, 1960-2017

Aurelie Sotura

(Bank of France)



Macrohistory Webinar

to be announced

Andreas Ferrara

(University of Pittsburgh)



Macrohistory Webinar

to be announced

Inês Martins Xavier